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What is Bun Bo Hue in Vietnam

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What is Bun Bo Hue ?

Bun Bo Hue is one of the most popular noodle soups in Vietnam. The main ingredients of this famous noodle soup are Bun and Bo, when translated to English, the former means rice vermicelli and the latter is beef. People added Hue at the end of it to determine the origin of the noodle soup.

Bun bo Hue is totally different from the usual pho as the rice vermicelli is thicker and cylindrical and it has this distinct taste and mild to spicy flavor. Only Hue is following the original ingredients of the noodle soup as these ingredients are readily available within the province.

what is bun bo hue - hue food tour

So what’s so special about this Bun Bo Hue that wherever you go in the country, it seems like you always see it on the restaurants’ menu? Well, it is related to the history of the province itself. You see, Hue was the center of Vietnam during the time of Nguyen dynasty – the last royal family of Vietnam. Hue cooking style was perfected to suit the palate of the royal family and its high ranking official. Thus, dishes in Hue in general taste a lot better than the other parts of Vietnam.

Let us bring you to the best shop to try this delicious and loved by the royals, Bun Bo Hue. Come and taste the goodness of Hue with us.

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What is Bun Bo Hue in Vietnam
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