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Taste Che – Sweet Soup with local guide in Hue

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CheSweet Soup in Hue


As a previous royal capital of Vietnam, Hue has a lot to offer when it comes to history, culture, architecture, art and cuisine. Travelers from all over the world visit the city looking forward to exploring every corner of the UNESCO recognized citadel, royal tombs and pagodas. But will probably end up loving the foods more than anything else. From the appetizer to main course and even desserts, Hue has its way to make these foods a lot better than you expect them to be, maybe because they got used to serving royals? Who knows?

Che or sweet soup is one of the famous desserts in the country but in hue, there are as many as 36 variations of sweet soup; that is including the royal and folk variations. From the usual bean flavors to lotus, corn, taro and even roasted pork.

Locals normally enjoy sweet soup by the streets in the evening while having conversation with friends or co-workers before heading back home. It would be a great opportunity to be part of this culture even for just few minutes while you enjoy the delicious sweet soup.

Join our food tour and let’s see if how many flavors and bowls of sweet soup you can eat during the tour.

Taste Che in Hue with: Hue walking tour

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Taste Che – Sweet Soup with local guide in Hue
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