Pho Chay Hue: Vegetarian Pho in Hue - Taste Of Hue

Pho Chay Hue: Vegetarian Pho in Hue - Hue Street Food Tour
Pho Chay Hue: Vegetarian Pho in Hue – Hue Street Food Tour

It is hard to be vegetarian when in Vietnam since locals love meat and seafood. It could be even harder when basic to famous and great tasting ones have meat on them.  Worry not as the gastronomic city of Hue got you. You can enjoy several famous dishes without compromising your principles.

They say you’ve never really been to Vietnam if you have not tried the famous pho. Pho is everywhere in this country, they pretty hard to miss. It has been dubbed as the national dish of Vietnam. There are two famous flavors, one is Hanoi’s favorite, pho bo (beef) and the other is pho ga (chicken). Hue, being the food capital of the country, made sure everyone will be able to enjoy this delicious breakfast meal. The city has the vegetarian version of it and it is called pho chay.

Pho Chay is literally the vegetarian version of what locals and foreigners have come to love with this simple yet delicious dish, pho. With Pho Chay, tofu and mushroom replace the usual beef and chicken. The broth is still as savory as the other variety of pho. Something you must try vegetarian or not.

You can book a Hue Street Food Tour with us and request a pho chay from your local food tour guide.


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