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Nem Lui Hue

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What is the Nem Lui Hue ?

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Grilled pork is one of the most common foods all over the world. Whether you’re from the west or from Asia, grilled pork can be found in different variations.

As former royal city of Vietnam serving 14 emperors and their high ranking officials, it is safe to say that Hue mastered the culinary art that suited the palate of royals and nobles. This is why Hue is famous for its local dishes and one of these is the Nem Lui Hue.

Nem Lui is grilled ground pork in a lemongrass skewer. But it does not end there; this dish is a total package. It comes with vegetables, Vietnamese herbs and rice paper wrapper which you make like a spring roll, Nem Lui as the filling and dip it on a special sauce that also originated in Hue.

What makes the Nem Lui Hue famous aside from the fact it originated from Hue which people expect it is always the best is its distinct taste which is hard to replicate; it probably has something to do with the lemongrass skewer or the special sauce of Hue.

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Nem Lui Hue
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