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Hue Street Food

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Come and enjoy Hue street food tour

After hearing amazing things about Hue from different backpackers, I decided to book a bus to the old capital of Vietnam to see and experience for myself. Everyone is looking forward in seeing the famous and historical citadel of Hue which was built to house the last Vietnamese royal family – the Nguyen dynasty. I am too, though I am more excited to try out their local dishes.


Enjoy hue street food tour as local people

Being the old capital of Vietnam, surely, Hue has a lot to offer. Upon reaching the city, I went for a Hue street food tour. We went to the Dong Ba market in the last afternoon and tried the most famous dish of Hue, the Bun Bo Hue. First slurp and I got excited to taste all the other food this quiet city. The noodle soup was spicy, it surprised me as I have been to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and other cities and thought Vietnamese does not like spicy food, Hue proved me wrong. The soup has a distinctive taste that even though it is spicy it will not burn your tongue; you may actually taste some sweetness.


A cup of Vietnamese coffee within the citadel was the perfect second destination. I had a glimpse of the citadel and learn tidbits of information regarding history and the royal family.

Next stop was the walking street night market to try the local’s favorite Bánh Bèo Chen. Banh Beo Chen is steamed rice topped with shrimps and is being served in several number of small bowls placed in one big plate or woven tray. Banh Beo Chen is one of the local’s favorite cakes and it is not that hard to love it, in no time, you’ll see a big stack of bowls on your side of the table but you might still want more.


Nem Lui is another one to try in Hue. It is grilled ground pork in lemongrass sticks or just simple skewer for some restaurants. Though you may eat it a la carte but the young lady showed me how to eat properly. Nem Lui comes with lettuce, fig fruit, cucumber, pickled green and orange papaya and some Vietnamese herbs. A rice paper will be served too and it’s like making spring rolls, get some of the veggies and one stick of Nem Lui and wrap it with the rice paper and dip it on Hue special sauce.


Our side dishes were Banh Uot, grilled pork wrapped with Hue wet rice paper and Banh Khoai, Hue fried pancake. Pancake was totally different from the usual pancake I got to know but Banh Khoai was totally delicious. Several local cakes were also served like the Banh Loc which is filtered tapioca dumplings, Banh Ram it or fried dumpling topped with sticky rice dumpling.

banh-uot- Hue street food tour

Just when I thought we were done with all the Hue’s best, our tour guide brought us to a local shop to have some sweet soup. It was best dessert I had in Vietnam.

Hue proves itself to be the right place for the kings to build their kingdom around as the food as royal as they are. From appetizers, main course, soup and dessert they all taste amazing.

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Hue Street Food
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