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pho chay

Pho Chay Hue

It is hard to be vegetarian when in Vietnam since locals love meat and seafood. It could be even harder when basic...



Che – Sweet Soup in Hue As a previous royal capital of Vietnam, Hue has a lot to offer when it comes...


Me Xung

Meals is just thought as a survival supply. Nevertheless, it reveals individuals’s traits in every space, every metropolis… Folks can deny their...


Com Hen Hue

Com Hen Hue (mussel rice) is the quite simple and low-prices specialty of Hue, Viet Nam. Com Hen is engaging to many...


Banh Nam Hue

While my hands were busy wrapping bánh nậm with the banana leaf, this experience somehow triggered my mind to recall Gifted Hands, a...

Top things to do in Hue

9 top things to do in Hue which you shouldn’t miss when visit imperial Hue city 1. Hue Food Tours to Taste...


Hue Street Food

Come and enjoy Hue street food tour After hearing amazing things about Hue from different backpackers, I decided to book a bus...

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