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1. How can I book a tour? Do I have to purchase them in advance?

You can book it online via www.tasteofhue.com. You may contact us through the phone number or email address posted above. Our office also accepts walk ins. You are not required to pay in advance.

If you experience a problem when booking, please email us at tasteofhue@gmail.com

2. Can I get a refund or reschedule my booking tour?

No. We do not do refund because we are not going to ask payment in advance. Thus, rescheduling your tour is easy.

3. Are there discounted charge for children?

Under 5 years old is for free. 5-12 years old children will pay 75% of the regular price. 13 years old and above will be at regular price.

4. What are included in my food tour?

Aside from all the food and drinks on the menu, we will send you a food enthusiast tour guide that will make sure you will fall in love with the Hue dishes and will give you bottled water in case you can't handle one spicy dish on the menu.

5. What if I am a vegetarian or have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Please let us know your preferences and your allergies or restrictions so we can prepare and remove these ingredients or get you alternative dishes. Your tour guide has generic medicine you can take in case of emergency but we highly recommend you to bring your doctor's prescribed medicines.

6. How much walking is involved in a tour?

We have located best tasting food that are in one or two areas so the walking will not be exhausting and would not take much of your time. The walking distance is no more than 2 kilometers.

7. Are there restroom breaks during the tour?

Yes. There are several clean restrooms on the route we will be taking so you may use them anytime, just let your tour guide know.

8. Are walking tours given in bad weather?

No. We do not want to risk your health and our tour guide's health. We will wait til the weather gets better before continuing the tour.

9. Are cameras allowed on the tour?

Yes, of course. The goal of the tour is to let other people know and come to love the taste of Hue. The photos you will be taking will make it easier for us to promote our beloved city.

10. Can I shop during the tour?

Yes, you can though we recommend not to buy heavy and bulky objects as it will be difficult to enjoy the tour if you carry it around with you.

11. Are tours offered only in English?

We only offer tours in Vietnamese and English for the meantime. We will offer tours in different languages soon.

12. How many people can attend a tour?

We do not limit the number of the people who would like to join our food tour. One tour guide can handle 10 people, if there would be more than that, we will send another tour guide for the group or to separate the group.

13. Can I bring my pet with me during a tour?

Yes, you may but you are solely responsible for it.

14. Does the tour end at the same place we started?

Yes. We will pick you up at your hotel/hostel and drop you off there after the tour.

15. Can I book a private tour?

Of course! We offer packages for private tours. Contact us for more details. tasteofhue@gmail.com

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