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Bun Nghe is not just your average Vietnamese cold noodle. Bun Nghe is a turmeric noodle that Hue locals love. It may not be known to much foreigners but this delicious yellow dish is normally part of important Vietnamese occasions like family parties, Tet and death anniversaries most especially in Central Vietnam. Surely, there must be a good reason for that don’t you think?

Bun Nghe: Turmeric Noodles
Bun Nghe: Turmeric Noodles

You may have seen one quite similar to Bun Nghe, the Mi Quang which is famous in Hoi An. Both of the noodles are infused with turmeric which gives a unique flavor compared to the usual Vietnamese noodles like Pho or Bun Bo. Unlike Mi Quang though, Bun Nghe is a dry noodle and usually topped with pork intestines and blood curd. That just sounds challenging or even disgusting for some but trust me, the toppings complements the turmeric noodles well. So I suggest muster all your courage and don’t shrink back.

Bun Nghe: Turmeric Noodles - Toppings
Bun Nghe: Turmeric Noodles – Toppings

Food stalls that sells Bun Nghe open from noon until late afternoon or at least until it runs out. Bun Nghe is just 10.000 VND, an affordable price for a great tasting dish. This maybe because it is more common to locals and it is yet to popularized to foreign travelers. Though restaurants and food stalls that serve Bun Nghe may not be easy to find on the backpackers area or any touristic places in Hue for that matter. You will probably have to ask your lovely receptionist to direct you where you can try it.

Bun Nghe: Turmeric Noodles - Hue Street Food Tour
Bun Nghe: Turmeric Noodles – Hue Street Food Tour

If you are not so sure about where to get it, you can request this from your Hue Food Tour guide, he or she might know a good place and accompany you to get a bowl of this delicious Bun Nghe. You may book your Hue Food tour with us.


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