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A pair years in the past once I put collectively my information of Vietnamese Banh (linked under), I used to be confused in regards to the distinction between Banh Uot (opaque rice flour rolls), and Banh Cuon (translucent rice flour rolls) particularly as a result of there may be additionally Banh Uot Thanh Tri and Banh Cuon Thanh Tri (rice flour sheets). Carb Lover’s put up in regards to the chain Banh Cuon Tay Ho bought me questioning in regards to the variations once more.


Images of those three banh are under. I believe I’ve found out the variations, however I could also be incorrect so anybody with extra information than me, please chime in.

Right here’s my take:
To begin with Banh Uot interprets to Moist Banh. Banh Cuon interprets to Rolled Banh. And Thanh Tri interprets to one thing like Threads or Strings. All three are fabricated from water and finely floor rice flour, and that’s the place the similarities finish. Right here’s what I believe are the variations:

First, the wrapper: The wrapper for Banh Uot is a thicker model of the wrapper for Banh Cuon, they usually have totally different fillings, and Thanh Tri is mainly simply the non-rolled, non-filled wrappers.


I’m guessing the wrapper for Banh Uot is made by pouring the batter into an oiled pan, filling the pan backside fully, whereas the wrapper for Banh Cuon is made by pouring the batter over a bit of fabric that’s stretched tight throughout a steamer, so the top product is a translucent and ultra-thin. You may make Banh Cuon wrappers with a nonstick pan, however you need to pour the batter as skinny as attainable, and even then the feel gainednot be 100% proper. And when you pour it too thickly or if the wrapper doesn’t come out proper, you collect the unhealthy ones right into a pile, and you’ve got Banh Uot Thanh Tri or Banh Cuon Thanh Tri! Now I’m actually guessing.

Then the filling: Banh Uot is often full of marinated grilled pork (thit nuong) and (generally) Chinese language lapseung sausage, and inexperienced leaf lettuce. Banh Cuon is often full of floor pork and thinly sliced cloud ear fungus.

Then the dipping sauce: Darkish brown peanut dipping sauce for Banh Uot, and fish-sauce-based nuoc cham for Banh Cuon. Then there are the accompaniments: none for Banh Uot, and lots of potentialities for Banh Cuon, together with Banh Cong which is one other banh I want so as to add to my banh information.

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