Taste Banh Ram It - Cake in Hue with Hue walking tour

Banh Ram It – Cakes

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Cakes (Banh Ram It) are the best desserts one could have. In Vietnam, cakes are totally different from the sweet and soft ones that we know. The culinary arts of the country give tourists a unique experience when eating the local cakes.Banh Ram It -hue-walking-tour

Central Vietnam has a big number of local cake specialties. One of which is the Banh Ram It or the fried sticky rice dumplings. The fried sticky rice dumpling filling is made of pork belly, bean and shrimp. What makes the Banh Ram it different from the usual cakes is that the fried golden brown and crisp is under the semi-circular sticky rice on the top of it. The crispiness and the chewiness texture perfectly complement each other and you will not feel the greasiness on the fried part of the cake.

The fried sticky rice dumplings are usually served as snacks or appetizer to locals. This Central Vietnam specialty cake comes with sweet and spicy fish sauce or you when in Hue, you may use the Hue style special sauce for the dipping for a better flavor.

Why not try this interesting cake with us? Come and join our food tour and we will show you where to get the best ones.

Taste Banh Ram It in Hue: Hue walking tour

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Banh Ram It – Cakes
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