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Banh KhoaiPancakes are the world’s favorite breakfast. They are usually flat, round and topped with flavorful syrup, fruits, jam, chocolate chips or meat. There are several versions of pancakes all over the world depending on the country’s culture and preferences. Vietnam has a lot of variations of pancakes as well. The best tasting ones are found in the Central Vietnam.

Taste of Hue - Banh Khoai - Hue Street Food Tour
Taste of Hue – Banh Khoai – Hue Street Food Tour

One of the most unique pancakes of Vietnam is the Banh Khoai of Hue. Pancakes literally means favorite cake. This delicious fried pancake is made of rice flour, corn and sticky rice powder, shrimp, Vietnamese sausage, pork, bean sprout, carrot, green papaya and egg. Instead of being served as the usual form, folded in half just like the Banh Xeo, Banh Khoai is being served open faced.

Banh Khoai is distinctive not only with its appearance but also with its taste with the help of the famous Hue style special sauce. It is a little greasy so this is best eaten when it is still hot or during cold weather. But for tourists who do not have much time in the city, one or two of these Pancakes will definitely worth the carbs.

Join our Hue food tour and taste the goodness of Hue with us. See for yourself if this pancake deserves the name “favorite cake” after all. Book your Hue food tour now!

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