Banh Beo Hue Local Food - Steamed Rice Discs Topped with Shrimp

Banh Beo Chen – Steamed Rice Discs Topped with Shrimp

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Banh Beo‘ (steamed rice cake with savory top) is a small cake in a cup and mashed shrimp on the top. Looking this dish, you can easily recognize two distinct layers is the flour and fill with savory ingredient including fried pork skin, shallots, and fish sauce.


The flour is combined of rice flour, tapioca starch and water. Stir well in a large bowl and keep into 1 hour to reduce the strong flour smell. Add salt and cooking oil in the flour then pour a thin layer of mixture in each small condiment bowls and steam for 4 minutes. Next, boiling shrimp till they turn orange then peel the shell, put in a mortar and pestle, grind the shrimp till a rough texture. After that, roast in a pan (without oil) on medium heat for 2 minutes to remove some of moisture till seperated.


The element also play the important role is sweet fish sauce with some chili. Let’s remove the cakes from the bowl, grease with some scallion oil, top up with savory, garnish with crispy pork skin, fried onion, shallot and drizzle some sweet fish sauce over then enjoy.


Just a small cake but the taste absolutely incredible.


Banh Beo Chen – Steamed Rice Discs Topped with Shrimp
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